Life as we know It

They say Paradoxes  do not exist…Well ,depends on a lot of factors.

This  is a take off from everyday life of someone or the other:

Starting of a new chapter  in life n trying to put the jigsaw puzzle pieces together, with a supercharged mindset and BOOM..the enthusiasm leaks out.

Dark clouds ..,which make to us want to illuminate the dark   room…heavy thunder..loud enough to let you  keep on the earphones,strong gust of wind which compels to add extra weight of clothes on and POOF!!! out comes a meek sun with a Happy Rainbow  .

All set to fly out with meticulously packed bags, an impressive box of  trinklets to be gifted ,Variety of snacks  to binge  on ….you glance at  the ticket to check the time of flight and CLUNCK!!!the date  on the page gives a-”Yesterday’s Date”.

The Melodrama continues and we hop on the wagon of -Thank God,it did not hurt that much.