No Holds Barred

Monsoon tends to bring out the philosophical side of many people.The much awaited  sound of pitter patter generally washes away the gloom of summers and leads us to be  hopeful  for a  COLD winter season.

Life is a road towards discovering ones self…no matter what your age is.THE MANTRA IS…NEVER STOP DREAMING.Yes,the shoots of your passion can hold ground at any point of time. For me, at 40+,my dream really knocked at my door .We all want to start our own venture or give wings to the nascent seeds of thoughts but some insecurity holds us back.

The belief that that there is scope for all of us to expand ….needs to be explored well.3/4 of our life goes in toiling mechanically towards the job and 1/4 is spent in dreaming to get away from the clutches of the work holding you.We need to grab the opportunity offered with both hands and get on full throttle by turning our dreams into reality.



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