Concrete V/S Green

If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself, you are certain to be in peril.
Sun Tzu
Is it not true about us…..brushing the burning issues under the carpet or floundering the obvious?  We are unanimously diving into the whirlpool of creating our own space called HOME n eating into the territories of animals .
When we play with nature ,we forget that NATURE has a way of getting back at us.Wild animals attacking us within our(?? or their)) premises is no longer an  unheard thing.Yes,we do have snake attacks n Leopard attacks in the News more often but HEY!!!this could be DISASTER knocking at our doors.
We do not like nosy  neighbors or pile on people but aren’t we doing the same with these living creatures?? Be it Antarctica or the Kalahari desert or the  Savannas..we have Human activity  easily traceable by the filth we leave behind.We are spendthrift while cleaning our houses but who gave us a Green Signal to take the clean environment for a ride?

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