Learning…ongoing n ageless

Being a teacher has its benefits…Well u never grow old n r RESPECTED for dat.

Each child is Unique…YES..but this statement  also gives us an insight into an Undiscovered world.There may be reasons for a particular behavior of a child..but it requires an undying attitude of a teacher to resolve the issue.

On a personal level…I like to Observe people,be it on an Airport or a bus stand or a railway station. or even a parlor. The body Language reveals a lot too.People under tremendous stress will generally come across as Loud mouth or Fidgety.In children however the stress of the Parents is visible through their behavior.

A child who has real pushy parents at home will clarify any doubts a no.of times or will be on a brink of tears.Here the role of a parent is crucial…act like a CUSHION n give the child comfort.

Yes…we all long to be Loved and Appreciated at the end of the Day.So give happiness and receive it too….;


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