Life as we know It

They say Paradoxes  do not exist…Well ,depends on a lot of factors.

This  is a take off from everyday life of someone or the other:

Starting of a new chapter  in life n trying to put the jigsaw puzzle pieces together, with a supercharged mindset and BOOM..the enthusiasm leaks out.

Dark clouds ..,which make to us want to illuminate the dark   room…heavy thunder..loud enough to let you  keep on the earphones,strong gust of wind which compels to add extra weight of clothes on and POOF!!! out comes a meek sun with a Happy Rainbow  .

All set to fly out with meticulously packed bags, an impressive box of  trinklets to be gifted ,Variety of snacks  to binge  on ….you glance at  the ticket to check the time of flight and CLUNCK!!!the date  on the page gives a-”Yesterday’s Date”.

The Melodrama continues and we hop on the wagon of -Thank God,it did not hurt that much.

No Holds Barred

Monsoon tends to bring out the philosophical side of many people.The much awaited  sound of pitter patter generally washes away the gloom of summers and leads us to be  hopeful  for a  COLD winter season.

Life is a road towards discovering ones self…no matter what your age is.THE MANTRA IS…NEVER STOP DREAMING.Yes,the shoots of your passion can hold ground at any point of time. For me, at 40+,my dream really knocked at my door .We all want to start our own venture or give wings to the nascent seeds of thoughts but some insecurity holds us back.

The belief that that there is scope for all of us to expand ….needs to be explored well.3/4 of our life goes in toiling mechanically towards the job and 1/4 is spent in dreaming to get away from the clutches of the work holding you.We need to grab the opportunity offered with both hands and get on full throttle by turning our dreams into reality.


Concrete V/S Green

If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself, you are certain to be in peril.
Sun Tzu
Is it not true about us…..brushing the burning issues under the carpet or floundering the obvious?  We are unanimously diving into the whirlpool of creating our own space called HOME n eating into the territories of animals .
When we play with nature ,we forget that NATURE has a way of getting back at us.Wild animals attacking us within our(?? or their)) premises is no longer an  unheard thing.Yes,we do have snake attacks n Leopard attacks in the News more often but HEY!!!this could be DISASTER knocking at our doors.
We do not like nosy  neighbors or pile on people but aren’t we doing the same with these living creatures?? Be it Antarctica or the Kalahari desert or the  Savannas..we have Human activity  easily traceable by the filth we leave behind.We are spendthrift while cleaning our houses but who gave us a Green Signal to take the clean environment for a ride?


All of us take pride in being identified as a person with a Smart phone but does it really enhance our Grey cells?We do see a gathering of people but everybody is oblivious to each one’s they are busy inviting Followers on their Instagram .This again is a world full of pretence as u never know who  the person on the other side is pretending to be…just like a King Cobra pretends to be dead when a Monitor Lizard is around.

Lets open our eyes and soul to the real world  and to real people as the smiles are still genuine and not some EMOJIS.

Learning…ongoing n ageless

Being a teacher has its benefits…Well u never grow old n r RESPECTED for dat.

Each child is Unique…YES..but this statement  also gives us an insight into an Undiscovered world.There may be reasons for a particular behavior of a child..but it requires an undying attitude of a teacher to resolve the issue.

On a personal level…I like to Observe people,be it on an Airport or a bus stand or a railway station. or even a parlor. The body Language reveals a lot too.People under tremendous stress will generally come across as Loud mouth or Fidgety.In children however the stress of the Parents is visible through their behavior.

A child who has real pushy parents at home will clarify any doubts a no.of times or will be on a brink of tears.Here the role of a parent is crucial…act like a CUSHION n give the child comfort.

Yes…we all long to be Loved and Appreciated at the end of the Day.So give happiness and receive it too….;

Pause & Ponder

Its said…..having Kids is a simple job but becoming a Parent is a tough ride up a Gum Tree.

Life demands a lot of  committment..True!!!but its in our hands to draw the line.What is better in this chaotic world than to turn to friends for Advice.Parents are the only genuine friends who empathize and guide at the same time.

Here Honesty plays an imp.role or call it a Give  n Take relationship.Teens will be teens…so when they cm seeking help..I suggest be 100% involved(90% advise ) n 10% been there done that.

Stay blessed…Acknowledge d gifts given.